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Oh, and a bunch more exotic weapons, bringing hyper-specialization to ever greater heights.

I don’t envy the design requirement of writing the first rules expansion while the core books were still on their way to store shelves for the first time, though.Without that, it’s hard to break them out of the Dumb Thug mold that their ability score priorities and class skills push them toward.Basically I’m saying that I really like Roy Greenhilt and I wish it were easier to get that character to work in the actual rules.Its prestige classes and feats are the first ones to make the cut of going into the core books.Even at this early stage, I think it’s plain to see that prestige classes are going to be a mess, with some of them just making numbers get bigger (sometimes numbers you barely even need), while others are going to make you specifically better at exactly the thing you want to be doing anyway.

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    The rambling old building, with its Tudor architecture, had seen better days, but was still quite impressive, even when viewed in twilight. There must be at least a hundred, Cathy guessed, taking into account the towers that rose at each corner above the main body of the building.

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    When you think about it, they've played four games.

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